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TMA :: Certifications :: Level 2 - Monitoring Center Operator Online Training

Level 2 - Monitoring Center Operator Online Training #TMA_OOL2
Level 2 - Monitoring Center Operator Online Training 

Level 2 - Monitoring Center Operator Online Training

The TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course is an appropriate next step training for anyone who has completed and passed Level 1. It is also of great benefit to any related monitoring personnel that have experience in that discipline. When life-safety and property are at risk, accountability is very important. The course covers important leadership attributes, conflict resolution strategies, and core values that will help operators develop the mindset of an effective leader and show them how their contributions are fundamental to success within the professional monitoring industry. With technology as a powerful driver, operators will also experience a review of how advancements have impacted monitoring capabilities through faster telecommunications, better video and audio quality, PERS devices and the impact of artificial intelligence.

Modules are:

  • Module 1 - Leadership Skills in the Monitoring Center
  • Module 2 - Conflict Resolution Using Effective Team Communications
  • Module 3 - Strategies for Advanced Call Handling in the Monitoring Center
  • Module 4 - Industry Standards: The Fundamental Building Blocks of Professional Monitoring
  • Module 5 - Telecommunications and Enhanced Technology
  • Module 6 - Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center

The course is produced in accordance with current best practices for online learning including micro-learning, narration, and audio and visual examples for those with differing learning styles. The course typically takes between 4-6 hours to complete all of the modules, depending on the student’s knowledge levels. At the completion of the course, students take a final exam. A grade of 85% or higher is passing.

Price: $250.00


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