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Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center #L2_6_CYBER
Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center 

Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center

Every person in the monitoring center is key to reducing the risk of cybercrime. Operator vigilance can make a difference and everyone’s cooperation is essential. This module will help students understand how they can minimize the risk of an attack on their monitoring center by understanding more about cybersecurity threats, how common attacks work, when and where individuals and companies are vulnerable to attacks, and what they can do to defend their organization. Cybersecurity is not just an IT responsibility–it is everyone’s responsibility.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the impact of cybersecurity threats to your monitoring center
  • Identify the different types of cybersecurity risks
  • Recognize common cybersecurity attacks
  • Determine ways to identify and defend against cybercrime
  • Identify cybersecurity best practices for employees within the monitoring center
  • Use best practices to minimize your risk if you suspect you have been targeted

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